Low Shipping Rates

See below for our shipping estimates for a 1 lb package.

North America (i.e. Mexico) $28.36
Europe (i.e. Germany) $34.13
Asia (i.e. Hong Kong) $22.08
Asia (i.e. Japan) $23.90
Asia (i.e. Singapore) $22.08
Middle East (i.e. UAE) $37.81
South America (i.e. Brazil) $44.57

Additional Services

Assisted Purchase Service

1WorldShopping.com provides shopping services to our customers who would like to purchase goods in the US but have issues with using their credit cards. The cost of our shopping services is 8% of the cost of purchase (plus cost of purchase and shipping).

Package Consolidation

1WorldShopping.com package consolidation services allow you to buy products from multiple vendors and store your packages at our warehouse until they are ready to be shipped. The cost of our package consolidation service is $2.00 for each additional package.

Heavy Package Surcharge

Extra surcharge for heavy packages over 30 pounds is $10, over 70 pounds – $20, over 100 pounds – $30 and over 150 pounds – $50. Overweight fee is charged even if the package is disposed.

Oversized Package Surcharge

DHL might charge dimensional weight rather than actual weight if the package is oversize. (Example – Sporting goods and musical instruments). For actual shipping rate, please contact inquiries@1worldshopping.com and provide us with the weight and the exact dimensions of the package.

Remote Area Surcharge

A surcharge of up to $20.00 will be applied per shipment for the delivery to remote area. Please click  HERE  to check if you are located in the remote area. Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at inquiries@1worldshopping.com

Shipping Insurance

2% of the total declared value.

Storage Service

Free for the first 30 days and $1.00 per additional day.

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